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Arngrim Dammen is a character from the Riders of Berk comics. He is introduced in the third volume, "The Ice Castle".

Arngrim is native to the north from a tribe called the Northlanders and was a trader. He had several captive dragons.


Conflict with the Hooligans

Arngrim first appeared in "The Ice Castle", sailing towards Berk, and catching sight of the Dragon Riders. After acquainting himself with the villagers, Arngrim offers to sell some of his furs to them. Much softer and warmer than the ones they have, everyone takes a liking to the trader; except Gobber, who had a run-in with Northlanders in the past. Arngrim takes an interest in the dragons, especially Stormfly, which makes Astrid suspicious of him.

Later that night, after the Vikings have fallen asleep, Arngrim lures Stormfly to his ship and captures her. He soon makes his escape. He sails to the Ice Needles, a large glacier fortress, to carry out his main goal.

The Dragon Riders manage to track Arngrim down and discover he plans to sell dragon and their eggs to his buyers, thinking they will be able to control them from an early age at his Dragon Auction. Hiccup and Toothless flew in to the auction showing that while dragons can be trained, they cannot be domesticated, releasing the Boneknapper and Timberjack he had in chains. However, one of Toothless' blasts incubates a Whispering Death egg, thus allowing it to hatch. After Hiccup trains the hatchling and Astrid gets Stormfly back, the Vikings corner Arngrim and force him to surrender.

Physical Appearance

Dammen is a bulky, tall Viking. He sports a shaggy beard, two locks at the end bound in red and green bangles. They are often coated in frost due to the low temperatures of his homeland. Instead of a helmet, Dammen wears a ram skull on his head. As a trader, he wore a fur hat. He also wears a thick red fur jacket and has red gauntlets that stretch to his wrists.


Dammen is described to be a trader with no conscience, and is shown to go to devious means to get what he wants. He would resort to kidnapping dragons in order to have a supply for his dragon auctions.

Cunning and witty, he tricks others into liking him by offering them his goods. This causes them to lower their guard and allow him to achieve his undesirable goals.



Well, well. Everythin'they say... is true. [src]
Here... Feel the quality.
That's okay. Not much for social niceties myself. Name's Dammen --
Idle curiosity. Dragons are something of a... pet... interest.
...There we were, moored up by the Ice Needles, when old Utgard-Loki blew its stack, cracking the outer arcade of ice. Great sheets -- thirty ells thick -- slid down towards us.
Only thing we could. Ran! But towards the icefall... and into The Labyrinth of Lost Souls! Iced in, our only chance was to forge on, deeper into the tunnels. Twenty days we wandered. Lost. Going around circles. Then, almost delirious through lack of food, I smelled sulfur. Then followed the natural vent, all the way up to the Jotun Hot Springs. Fresh air... never tasted so good.
And now, my beauty, wave bye-bye to Berk.
Chieftans, warriors, potentates and princes, I welcome you all to the sale of the century!
...We've all seen... or heard... how the vikings of Berk have magically charmed their dragons, turned them from bitter enemy to potent ally. And, yes -- Their secret still eludes us. But, the next best thing is within your grasp. If we cannot train adult dragons to do our biding then why not start right from the cradle? Impose your will when the mind is at its most receptive.
A live Night Fury will command a good price on the open market.
Idiots! Get him. That fireball never even came close!
I can rebuild. Somewhere else. While I still have the eggs -- this isn't over.
Oh, no... not that one! Anything but --
Hm. I surrender.


  • Dammen is the second trader seen in the franchise, with the first being Johann.
  • Like Valka, Dammen appears to be able to estimate a dragon's age, guessing Stormfly was a two-year-old.
    • However, it is unknown if he actually knew Stormfly's age or if he was just guessing.
  • Some of the other eggs Dammen tried to sell belonged to Deadly Nadders, Thunderdrums, Monstrous Nightmares, and Snaptrappers.


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