The Armory is a building the Hairy Hooligan Tribe uses to store the village's weaponry, first seen in the Dragons: Riders of Berk episode, "In Dragons We Trust".

Physical Appearance

The Armory is a tall building with a high ceiling and a stone foundation. The sides are re-inforced with wood timbers. The entryway consists of a tall double-doorway that arches at the top. Like other builds around Berk, the Armory has a decorative dragon head above the door.

Inside, there are various stacks of barrels with explosive and flammable substances, as well as shelves and pegs and other organizational features to store swords and other weaponry.


The Armory's exclusive function is to store the weaponry of the village and keep it orderly and accessible at a moment's notice.


The Armory explodes into flames and is destroyed in "In Dragons We Trust", along with all the weaponry inside, leaving the village vulnerable to attack. Toothless is seen entering the Armory just before it explodes, and is blamed for its destruction. Because of this, the dragons are banned from Berk to Dragon Island.

At some point the Armory is rebuilt and, as mentioned in Dragons: Rise of Berk, an Armorwing named Knocks is specially trained to guard the building.


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