Arctic Willow is a cultivable plant in School of Dragons.


The Arctic Willow (Salix arctica) is a short shrubby willow of the Family Salicaceae, adapted to living in arctic environments. It produces catkins - fuzzy-appearing spears of tiny flowers. The catkins can be reddish in color on female plants, and yellowish on male plants.


Arctic Willow is a crop grown in School of Dragons that the player harvests to complete Farm Jobs. Some of the uses in these Jobs are for medicinal purposes or as a behavior modifier. One such job asks for arctic willow, Dragon Nip, and Squash to mix as a calming agent for dragons.

Valka needs to pour this mixture on her clothes so some upset dragons don't feel threatened.
  School of Dragons  

Another Farm Job implicates soothing qualities for humans as well. This Farm Job asks for Arctic Fox fur, Arctic Willow, and Lavender to make an aromatherapy pillow for Eret.

However, in reality, the plant was used for several medicinal purposes by native cultures. The plant is also edible and high in Vitamin C, and is described as sweet-tasting. Historically, old willow material such as the catkins were combined with moss to form wicking for blubber-fueled lamps.



School of Dragons

Hares love to nibble on sweet Arctic Willow.
  — School of Dragons  

The Arctic Willow can be bought from the shop after purchasing the Icestorm Island expansion pack. It produces 6 stalks in 3 hours.



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