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Arcane Kulingbiter is a Windgnasher that appears in the game Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

There are only six things known for sure about The Arcane Kulingbiter, but only four of them can be revealed here.

The first is that she has a reputation as the funniest Dragon in her size class. The Arcane Kulingbiter is well known for her elaborate practical jokes.

The second is that The Arcane Kulingbiter has an overwhelming penchant for Cinnabar. She eats the substance in such high quantities that it is said that her red color is derived from it, but nobody knows how the Dragon procures the mythical substance without the help of an Alchemist.

The third is that The Arcane Kulingbiter has a strong allergy to green Dragons.

The fourth is that The Arcane Kulingbiter has no ears. She does hear, but not very well. She makes up for her diminished hearing with her incredibly detailed sense of smell.

The other two things are secrets known only to The Arcane Kulingbiter. As such, nothing more can be said about them.
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Physical Appearance

Arcane Kulingbiter is bright red with an orange underbelly and bright yellow spikes. She has purple eyelids, while her eyes are yellow.

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