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I got the fern root of an angel for my angel. [src]
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Angel Fern is a plant seen in the Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5 episode "No Dragon Left Behind".


The plant Angel Fern is not actually seen, only its rootstock, which resembles brown twigs. Because of its name "Fern", it might be presumed that the Angel Fern appears like members of Class Polypodiopsida - Ferns.

Ferns generally have large geometrically complicated leaves, also referred to as 'fronds'. They have a central stem with numerous leaflet extending from them, which in turn can have serrated edges. The fronds are the structures of photosynthesis, but some fronds house clusters of sporangia on the undersides. The sporangia contain the spores with which ferns reproduce.


In the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise, the angel fern is part of a cure for Slitherwing dragon venom. In addition to angel fern, the cure requires Pine sap and Slitherwing venom. It is unknown how the ingredients are mixed or dispensed.

In reality, some fern species are used as food in various cultures. They are also often used for decorative purposes.


Dragons: Race to the Edge

Season 5

Angel Ferns appear in the episode "No Dragon Left Behind". Fishlegs harvests some roots on Slitherwing Island as part of an antidote to Slitherwing venom, when the Dragon Riders think Stormfly has been exposed, when in reality Astrid has been exposed.



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