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Anemones are marine invertebrates that make a small appearance in DreamWorks Dragons franchise.


Anemones are underwater animals of the Order Actiniaria. Their name comes from a terrestrial flower (The Blue Anemone, which is also seen in School of Dragons). They belong to the phylum, Cnidaria, which includes the jellyfish and coral, however the anemones do not have a medusa stage - a gelatinous "head" with tentacles lifecycle form.

The anemones are mostly fixed on the surfaces beneath them, but they can become mobile in situations that would be fatal to them like the lack of its food - fish. The anemone's mouth and anus are one, which is just a single opening to the gastrovascular cavity, where digestion takes place.

The body of an anemone is called a 'polyp'. On the top of it are the tentacles and the mouth. The tentacles contain small cells with venom used for hunting as well as for defense.

The anemone has commensalism with the clownfish. The clownfish is one of the very few fish that are immune to anemone tentacle sting, because they are covered in protective mucus. The clownfish could use the anemone as a shelter, while the anemone collects nutrients from the wastes on the clownfish.

There's a unique ecosystem that lives in tide pools. The waves go in and out and supply the tide pool animals with food. Starfish, anemones, Seaweed, and Sea Urchins live in tide pools.
  Ruffnut in School of Dragons  


There is no function for the anemone in the Franchise, and is seen only for educational purposes.

In real life however, they are kept by humans as ornamental decorations in aquariums. Anemone reproduce slowly, and harvesting of wild anemone for aquariums has reduced their numbers. Anemonia sulcata is eaten in some countries.



School of Dragons

The Anemone briefly appears in the quest Gross Cool Things in which Ruffnut and Tuffnut talk about some sea creatures, including anemone.



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