The Ambered Nadder is seen as one of the dragons trapped in the Death Song's amber and later made its debut in Dragons: Rise of Berk as an Exclusive Deadly Nadder.

Official Description

This Deadly Nadder was one of the few lucky Dragons to be freed from the Deathsong's amber trap.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


Trapped by the Death Song and Rescue

As shown in "Imperfect Harmony", this Nadder was lured by the Death Song's melody and trapped in its amber. When the gang arrived, Toothless attempted to break it out by biting the amber but failed to do so. Though there was no mention of it escaping, it is presumed that the gang freed it along with their own dragons and the other victims.

Physical Appearance

In the series, this dragon is cyan with purple and pink hints on the edges of its wings and around its eyes

In Dragons: Rise of Berk, however, this dragon is purple with pink rings and yellow spikes (possibly to have it differentiated from Scardian). Its chest is covered with the Death Song's amber.




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