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Alvin is a minor character exclusive to How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular, a theater adaptation of the How to Train Your Dragon movie.

To Note: It is difficult to determine which actor played which character, due to some actors in the Spectacular not being named, some characters that appear not being named, lack of focus on human characters, and that some actors were trained to play more than one character. This is our best guess at who the character "Alvin" is.


Learning to Fight Dragons

Alvin, as one of Berk's teenagers, helps put out fires in the village brought about by attacking dragons. He also takes part in training to kill and subdue dragons along with the other village teenagers. He faces a Gronckle and later a Nadder, along with the other students, and learns about their weaknesses and ways to defeat them. At first, Alvin attempts to confront the dragons with the other students in an unorganized manner, but later learns to make a concerted effort to subdue the beasts.


After the Red Death is defeated, Alvin integrates into a now dragon-friendly Berkian society.

Physical Appearance

Alvin appears to be a slender boy with a standard two-horned helmet. He wears a brown sleeveless fur on his torso, chest, and up to the bottom of his face. Despite his seemingly thin frame, he is able do acrobatics and swinging from suspended ropes.



  • Alvin's actor, Brady Kitchingham, was also the understudy for Hiccup's character.


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