Alfred Molina is a famous actor who voices the leader of the Dragon Hunters; Viggo Grimborn.

Biography and Career

Alfred Molina was born in 1953 in London, England. His mother, Giovanna (Bonelli), was an Italian-born cook and cleaner, and his father, Esteban Molina, was a Spanish-born waiter and chauffeur. He joined the National Youth Theater at age 16. He studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, for a few years, finally became a member of the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company in 1977.

His stage work includes two major Royal National Theatre productions, Tennessee Williams' The Night of the Iguana (as Shannon) and David Mamet's Speed the Plow (as Fox), plus a splendid performance in Yasmina Reza's Art (his Broadway debut), for which he received a Tony Award nomination in 1998. He made his film debut in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) and got a good part in Letter to Brezhnev (1985) (as a Soviet sailor who spends a night in Liverpool), but his movie breakthrough came two years later when he played--superbly--Kenneth Halliwell, the tragic lover of playwright Joe Orton, in Stephen Frears' Prick Up Your Ears (1987). He was also outstanding in Enchanted April (1991), The Perez Family (1995) (as a Cuban immigrant), Anna Karenina (1997) (as Levin), and Chocolat (2000) (as the narrow-minded mayor of a small French town circa 1950s, who tries to shut down a chocolate shop).

Selected Filmography

Year Title Role(s) Notes
1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark Satipo Film
2004 Spider-Man 2 Doctor Otto Octavious
/ Doctor Octopus
2009 Wonder Woman Ares
2010 The Sorcerer's Apprentice Maxim Horvath (actor and voice)
2013 Monsters University Professor Knight (voice)
2017 Justice League Dark Doctor Destiny

DreamWorks Dragons Filmography

Year Series Season Voice role Episode(s)
2016 Dragons: Race
to the Edge
Season 2 Viggo
Season 3
2017 Season 4
Season 5
2018 Season 6


  • Coincidentally, he and Jay Baruchel (Hiccup's voice actor) starred in the movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice.
  • He can speak Spanish and Italian fluently.

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