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I'm not comfortable with animals. I prefer tech, that does what I tell it to do. Animals, they're unpredictable and, you know, sometimes really, really mean. [src]
  — Alex to Tom Kullersen  

Alexandra "Alex" Gonzalez is one of the main protagonists in the series Dragons: The Nine Realms. She is an extremely talented technology expert and hacker, who joins the Dragon Club as their fourth member in their mission to guard the Hidden World and its dragons from the entire world. Her dragon is a Featherhide named Feathers.

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What is the name of Alexandra Gonzalez's dragon in Dragons: The Nine Realms? toggle section
In the series Dragons: The Nine Realms, Alexandra Gonzalez's dragon is named Feathers, who is a Featherhide dragon.
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What is Alexandra Gonzalez's role in the Dragon Club? toggle section
Alexandra 'Alex' Gonzalez is a key member of the Dragon Club in the TV series Dragons: The Nine Realms. She is an extremely talented technology expert and hacker, who joins the Dragon Club as their fourth member. Her mission within the club is to guard the Hidden World. Alex's dragon is a Featherhide named Feathers.
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In the series Dragons: The Nine Realms, Alexandra Gonzalez, also known as Alex, is recognized for her unique skill as a technology expert and hacker. This talent plays a crucial role in her adventures with the Dragon Club, contributing to their mission to guard the Hidden World.
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Alexandra Gonzalez, also known as Alex, is fifteen years old in the TV series Dragons: The Nine Realms.
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Official Description[]

Alex is a quirky tech wiz, gadget builder and science buff who prefers online life to real life interactions. She has no interest in the outdoors, large animals or unfamiliar places. Due to a dog biting her when she was younger, Alex much prefers being inside with her voice-activated computer, called Wendy. Anything that challenges her ability to control her environment tends to make her isolate herself indoors.

She can come off a little ‘offbeat,’ with a dark sense of humor and social skills in need of practice. But underneath it all, she’s a kind heart looking for a safe space and a little understanding.


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Physical Appearance[]

Alex is a 15-year-old girl of Hispanic descent with a slight olive complexion and brown eyes. She has brown hair on top and halfway down becomes blonde, kept in braids and held together by red and purple USB charging cables. She wears purple glasses.

She wears a long sleeved light green sweater, light blue overalls with a power button symbol in the center, and purple-red Ugg boots. She wears a blue watch on her right wrist. In 404 Alex Not Found, she wears a black sweater.

In Ride or Die, she briefly wears a purple swimsuit.

Her Fire Suit and helmet are burgundy with black scales with her undershirt and leggings being dark red. Her helmet has a black Featherhide symbol on it. She does not wear her glasses due to the visor on her helmet.


At first, Alex was a shy and quiet girl who spent more time on her computer than with others. She likes technology more than humans or animals because it does what she tells it to, and likes to stay inside because she finds it to be safer than outside. This also made her quite antisocial towards others, usually finding the presence of most other people bothersome. This extends to the point where Alex rudely ignores kids of her own age, pretending that they aren't even there no matter how much they try to talk to her. Her quietness allows her to sneak up on people easily, though this often leaves them with a creepy impression of her.

Alex possessed a severe case of agoraphobia, or fear of outside spaces. Her fear of the outside, stems from her traumatic encounter with a dog that followed her home and bit her when she was younger, causing her to see the outside world as an entirely dangerous place devoid of safety.

Alex, however, wasn't incapable of associating with others, as she would confidently speak up if she had something to say or if someone else was doing something that particularly interested her. This was shown, prior to her discovery of the dragons, when she helped Tom sneak past the security sensors on a number of occasions despite it not benefiting her or knowing what he was up too. Her assistance to Tom implies that behind Alex's antisocial behavior, she, in truth, does want to form friendships with others, but her fear of the outside hinders this desire.

Her curiosity of Tom eventually allowed her to leave her comfort zone, and eventually discover the existence of the dragons. Though she was initially horrified by her first encounter with dragons, Alex soon overcame her fears through Tom's encouragement and her bonding with Feathers. Through Tom's guidance, Alex was able to overcome her fears of the dragons and wild animals, allowing her to develop a strong bond with the Featherhide.

After bonding with Feathers, Alex overcame the majority of her fears about being outside, though she still displayed some hesitance due to how new such experiences were for her.

Similar to D'Angelo, it was later revealed that Alex has a fear of heights, which is why she initially refused to ride on Feathers. But as her bond with her dragon and the other Dragon Club members grew, Alex became a much braver and more mature individual.

After joining the Dragon Club, she was shown to be very pessimistic, always thinking about what could (or will) go badly.

Like the other riders, she was willing to say goodbye to Feathers, possibly forever, to ensure her protection from the potential collapse of the caves, including the lair, that could be caused by Olivia Kullersen's plan to detonate explosives in the fault line to stop the earthquakes that were actually being caused by the Fault Ripper Dragon. Thus showing that she is willing to sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of her dragon. Later on, she even overcame her fear of heights and rode on Feathers to battle the Fault Ripper, all in order to save her friends.

After defeating the Fault Ripper and saving ICARIS station from being destroyed, Alex takes her role as a member of the Dragon Club very seriously, considering it a newfound duty to guard the entrance to the Hidden World and protect the dragons living there. Her devotion to protecting both is so great that she was even willing to separate the small Fireworm, Glowmer, from her mothers while he was in their care, despite knowing how unhappy it would leave them, with herself being very sad at having to do it. Although, she does seem to have a bit of a temper as shown when a Vine Tail stole her tablet, much to the shock of Jun.

She has also developed feelings for Eugene Wong some time after he joined the team, but because of her initial lonesome ways, she never had the courage to express them. The best way she did that was by creating a virtual collage of them being a perfect team.

Abilities, Talents, and Skills[]

  • Hacking: Alex is an extremely skilled hacker, being able to get into the Rakke Corporation's private and highly secured computer database to get maps and review their security camera footage. She is also very knowledgeable in how to create powerful computer viruses that can shut down powerful computer systems such as ICARIS' mainframes. These viruses are so intricate that even professional technical experts such as Linda have difficulties in erasing them.
  • Engineering: Despite her young age, Alex is an exceptionally skilled inventor, having designed numerous technological tools for either her personal use or in aiding the Dragon Club on their missions. A number of Alex's inventions are seen in her room, including two earthquake protection systems. Alex has also customized most, if not all, of the Dragon Club's most advanced equipment, including their dragons' saddles, along with their fireproof armors, as well as several tracking devices to help monitor the movements of various individuals and dragons. One of her most impressive engineering accomplishments thus far, is that she managed to create a holographic simulator that makes a perfect illusionary image of herself and records her voice as if she is actually present.
  • Handiwork: Alex's mothers have mentioned how she's good at fixing things, and wonder if she can fix the microwave when they believe it's starting to malfunction. Alex has also managed to re-wire various ICARIS sensors to be used for the Dragon Club's attempts to monitor the movement of Dragons in and out of the Fissure.
  • Dragon Riding: After bonding with Feathers, Alex had proved herself to be a reasonably skilled dragon rider, despite her fear of heights at the time. As her time with the Club continued, Alex's skills as a dragon rider increased dramatically, especially after the Dragon Club equipped their dragons with her customized saddles.

Inventions Made by Alex[]


Carla Gonzalez and Hazel Gonzalez[]


Alex lovingly embracing her mothers Hazel and Carla.

Alex is shown to be very close with her mothers, Carla and Hazel. This could be seen when she allowed them to share her earthquake shelter when the Fault Ripper's tremors hit Rakketown. However, though Alex loves her parents, she usually prefers to spend time on her computer and keep to herself rather than join then in any of their activities, especially when they involve going outside. This, along with Alex lack of socializing with other kids, has caused Carla and Hazel to worry deeply for Alex, wishing for her to make more friends. For her part, Alex has shown cases where she truly wishes to spend more time with her mothers, but her fear of the outside often hinders this.

During "Featherhide", however, when they saw that the Dragon Club members were visiting Alex in their dome, both Hazel and Carla were deeply excited that Alex was befriending other kids and did everything they could to make their daughter and her friends comfortable. Since Alex's joining the Dragon Club, Hazel and Carla have been shown to be greatly relieved and proud of her daughter for overcoming her fears of the outside and playing with other kids.

Due to her love for them, Alex, like Tom with his mother, often struggles in keeping her life as a dragon rider secret from them. During "Empty Fireworm Nest", upon noticing how fond her parents were of the Fireworm Glowmer, Alex was extremely hesitant about taking the Dragon away from them, knowing how much it would devastate them, despite knowing that leaving him with them would expose the secret of dragons to the world. She was also shown to be deeply saddened when she forced to lie to them in order to ensure Glowmer's liberation. In "Deep Freeze", when they finally met their daughter's dragon, who tried to save Chief Baker and the helicopter, they were slightly upset saying that she would have a lot to explain but were also shocked upon seeing Feathers turn invisible. Soon, they both gave a little grin, which may indicate they would come to accept Alex's friendship with the young Featherhide.

Through seasons 6 and 7, they eventually did show such interest and respect for Feathers and would do anything to keep their daughter and her best friend happy. Feathers, in return, began to feel part of the Gonzalez family.


Alex's computer has voice activation and a level of artificial intelligence called "Wendy". Due to her preference of technology over people, Alex has a very strong bond with Wendy, with the A.I. arguably having been the closest thing to a friend Alex had before joining the Dragon Club. During conservations, Wendy responds to Alex in a familiar, friendly fashion, and seems to be a source of comfort to her.


Main article: Alex and Feathers' Relationship
T9R female human and dragon

Alex with her dragon and best friend Feathers

At first Alex was terrified of Feathers, when she had entered her home through an open window. During this time, Feathers ran amuck in her house out of fear of her new surroundings. This left Alex continuously on edge and being eager to get rid of her. This initial impression of the dragon changed, however, due to Tom's guidance. Sensing that the Featherhide followed Alex because it saw her as a kindred spirit, Tom taught Alex how to form a bond with it. Initially Alex was very reluctant to do this, but through Tom's guidance Alex overcame her fear of Feathers and bonded with her. Immediately upon seeing Feathers in her full-uncloaked form, Alex was awestruck by how beautiful she is and quickly formed a friendship with the dragon. Following their initiation into the Dragon Club, Feathers and Alex's bond only became stronger and stronger as time passed. Initially, however, she wasn't too keen on the idea of flying on Feathers, due to possessing a minor fear of heights, but quickly overcame this during the Club's battle with the Fault Ripper dragon.

Just like the bond the other members of Dragon Club share with their dragons, Alex considers Feathers to be her best friend and is willing to both great sacrifices for her dragon, as well as go to great lengths to ensure her safety. This could be seen in "Fault Ripper" when the earthquakes caused by the Fault Ripper were threatening the dragons' cave to begin collapsing, Alex had Feathers sent back to the Hidden World out of fear for her safety, showing that she is willing to sacrifice her own happiness for Feathers's wellbeing. Then, in "Dragons of the Undead" Alex showed exceptional bravery as she risked her life to rescue Feathers after she had been abducted by a horde of molting Featherhides, which included taking on a massive Titan Wing, further showing the great lengths she is willing to go to protect her dragon.

In battle, Alex and Feathers have shown themselves to be a skilled and coordinated combo, with their first battle experience together resulting in the Fault Ripper's defeat. Alex has also been shown to rely on Feathers for emotional support and comfort during her times of need, with her dragon serving as her main source of relief from her troubles. Like the other dragon riders, Alex dreads what could happen to her dragon should the dragons’ existence be exposed, with her greatest fear being Feathers locked away alone and mistreated in a zoo.

She loves Feathers so much, they treat each other like sisters.

Tom Kullersen[]

Tom helping Alex

Tom helping Alex bond with Feathers

Originally, Tom, like the others, found Alex to be strange and was put off by her quite antisocial attitude. Ironically, it was because of Alex that Tom decided not to reveal Thunder's existence to others, due to her statements about how humans would exploit dragons if they were discovered. Despite his earlier discomfort towards her, Tom would often come to Alex for help in getting past the sensors, showing a degree of trust in her and respect for her technological skills. She eventually became suspicious of him and tracked him down to find out what he was up to. After discovering Tom and the others' secrets about the dragons, a Featherhide had entered Alex's home leaving her frightened. While the other riders left, Tom stayed to help her deal with the dragon, recognizing that it decided to follow her specifically for a reason. During this time, Alex confided in Tom about the traumatic incident that caused her to fear the outside, and, in turn, he taught her how to bond with dragons, allowing her to tame the Featherhide that would become her partner, Feathers. Since joining the Dragon Club Alex and Tom have become close friends. When it seemed as if Tom and Thunder had fallen to their deaths during the battle with the Fault Ripper, Alex blamed herself and was on the verge of tears. However, she was greatly relieved when they were revealed to have survived.

As demonstrated in "Downpour", Alex, like Jun, sometimes serves as something of a confidant to Tom, giving him advice when he needs it and helping him to improve as a leader of the Dragon Club. Despite this, she is often frustrated with Tom's lone-wolf disposition and was hurt when it was revealed he didn't tell them about the Night Fury symbol on his family's Viking helmet, with her being the most upset about it. Despite this, she quickly forgave Tom and following the Club's battle with Thunder's Skrill nemesis, accepted his apology, showing that her trust in him had been restored.

In "404 Alex Not Found", he and the others took advantage of her abilities and not gave her any space, making her irritated by everyone. And she grew extremely angry when Tom claimed that her "Virtual Friend" is useless and when Thunder accidentally fried her tablet with his blast causing her to storm off on them. Realizing their lack of consideration, they went to see her moms so they can fix her tablet and then go apologize to her. When they found her with Buzzsaw, they feared she had abandoned them, but were relieved that it was all a set up since they saw she got the book of dragons back from his clutches. They gave her back her fixed tablet and made amends with her.

Jun Wong[]

Like with the other kids at ICARIS, Alex didn't have much interaction with each other aside from attending classes together, during which she mostly kept to herself and made no attempt to befriend Jun. However, after Alex found out about the dragons, Jun happily welcomed her into the Dragon Club, with the two developing a close friendship with each other. They have been shown to work better as a team compared to the Tom and D'Angelo even though they have different personalities and opposite interests (Alex being into science, while Jun is into mysticism).

D'Angelo Baker[]

At first, Alex didn't pay much attention to D'Angelo when he tried to befriend her, instead ignoring him while she continued to play on her tablet, which left D'Angelo feeling saddened. Their relationship changed dramatically, however, after Alex bonded with Feathers and joined the Dragon Club, with her and D'Angelo becoming close friends and teammates. During battle, the two are shown to work well together alongside their dragons and have demonstrated impressive teamwork during intense trials and situations. D'Angelo has also been shown to help Alex come out of her shell, helping her to enjoy the outside world more. During such moments the two are shown to enjoy playing together and often joke with each other.

Despite their strong friendship, Alex is often bothered and unimpressed with D'Angelo's antics, and isn't afraid to openly make dry comments about him. She has also been shown to be equally unimpressed with his "drill sergeant" behavior when he attempts to take command and pointing out his flawed thinking.

She is also shown to be encouraging to D'Angelo, like in Dr. Catastrophe when he almost quit the team after his mistake of feeding Catastrophic Quaken eggs to a trio of lost Gronckles, she talked him into making things right for his friends and the dragons.

Eugene Wong[]

Prior to his initiation into the Dragon Club, Alex had little interaction with Eugene, though she seemed to have initially had a negative opinion of him. After he learned the truth about dragons, the two briefly became enemies, with Eugene attempting to expose the secret of the dragons the Club protected. During Jun and Alex's mission to retrieve the Fireworm Glowmer, Eugene twice attempted to thwart their efforts in order to show the small dragon to his mother, nearly exposing the existence of dragons to the world. This sparked Alex into having Feathers attack Eugene and foiling his plans, which also saved the secret from exposure. Due to their previous encounter, Alex was exceptionally skeptical of Eugene being committed to the Club's responsibilities as well as doubting his potential as a rider. Nonetheless, she admitted his potential when he showed his skills in first defeating the Flamethrowers in the Crystal Realm and later when he showed his skills as a strategist during the Club's rescue of the Magma Breather. Since then, Alex seems to have forgiven Eugene for his previous actions, accepted him as a fellow Dragon Rider and comrade, and bonded with him due to their shared resentments towards the other riders. Despite this, she, like the other Club members, is often annoyed by Eugene's immaturity and pranks. During "Uncharted Territory", both their dragons have gone missing during a blizzard in the ice realm and they both grew very worried. Back at ICARIS, they both talk about their feelings about when they first came, and then decided they needed to go back and rescue Feathers and Webmaster. They also began opening up to each other after demonstrating their skills on their way to the sinkhole. While Eugene still bugs her, they have started to appreciate each other more, even to the point where he nicknames her "Gonzo".

In "Ragnarok Parts 1 and 2", Alex and Eugene bickered with each other a lot, but it was really due to the fact that they both struggled with confessing their feelings for each other. Once they opened up to it, they became much closer than before and hugged each other, especially when their dragons left them to stay in the Hidden World for good.


Alex first met Thunder and the other dragons in "Featherhide" while searching for Tom in the forest outside of ICARIS one night. Upon first encountering them, Alex was terrified of Thunder and the other dragons, believing them to be monsters and quickly fled in fright. After bonding with Feathers, however, she quickly overcame her fear of the Dragons and became on good terms with Thunder.

At times, Alex has noticed and pointed out that Thunder shares many of the traits, including the flaws, of his rider, such as being impulsive and at times secretive, and can be frustrated by this. Despite this, like with all the dragons in the Club, Alex cares about Thunder's wellbeing and was saddened when it seemed that he and Tom had fallen to their deaths during the battle with the Fault Ripper. She, like the other riders was also concerned for Thunder when he ran off to confront his nemesis, risking many dangers in the "Underworld" section of the Hidden World to find him.

Wu and Wei[]

Like with the other dragons, Alex was initially terrified of Wu and Wei upon meeting the two-headed Mist Twister, though she became on good terms with them after she joined the Dragon Club. Like with the other dragons, Alex cared about Wu and Wei’s wellbeing and is unafraid to help them in battle with Feathers. Likewise, Wu and Wei seem to respect Alex and care about her wellbeing as well.


At first sight, Alex was terrified of Plowhorn and the other dragons, but after bonding with Feathers, she became on good terms with her. During the events of "Magma Breather", Alex showed confidence in Plowhorn's judgement when she led her and Jun to the wild Magma Breather dragon and scolded D'Angelo for not taking his dragon's advice seriously. Later on, during the battle with the wild Razorwhip during the Club's search for Thunder in the Underworld chasm, Alex showed admiration for Plowhorn's bravery in facing the hostile dragon admits the fiery tornado it had created, showing how much she has come to respect the Gembreaker. Alex did get to ride on Plowhorn on some occasions, like when Feathers went missing in a blizzard in "Uncharted Territory".


Webmaster is the dragon of Alex's teammate Eugene. Like the other Club riders, Alex is impressed with Webmaster's abilities and considers him to be a useful edition to the Club. However, she doesn't like it when the dragon aids his rider in pranking her, the other riders, or their dragons. Though they did slowly warm up to each other a lot more in "Uncharted Territory" after saving him and Feathers from a Yetiwing.


Glowmer was but one of a flock of thousands of Fireworm dragons Alex and the other riders encountered during her and D'Angelo's first time in the Fire Realm. Though unbeknownst to Alex, during this encounter Glowmer had secretly stowed away inside a bag she was carrying as she and the riders departed back to the surface, before revealing itself to her mothers who caught him. Though Alex wished to rescue Glowmer before the Rakke Corp could examine him, she greatly hesitated to separate him from her two mothers due to their strong affection towards him, despite knowing that leaving him in their care would endanger the dragons' existence.

However, after realizing that Glowmer's health was rapidly declining due to being separated from his flock, Alex went to great lengths to rescue him before time ran out, despite knowing how much it devastate her mothers. After Alex and Jun managed to retrieve Glowmer from Sledkin before she could study him and brought him back to the Club's cave, she was heartbroken when it seemed she had arrived to late with the tiny dragon having seemingly died as a result. Soon after, however, Alex was left overjoyed when Glowmer was reheated by two members of his flock and happily looked on as they flew away to rejoin their family.

While she knew he was back where he belongs, she hoped one day that Carla and Hazel would one day see him again. Now that the dragons secret is out to all of ICARIS, she now has a possible chance to bring them together again.

Shadow, Goggles, and Splattertail[]

Unlike the others, Alex thought of the cuteness in Thunder's little siblings only being troublesome. They would often get into her space, but mostly to toy around with her tablet. Eventually, she let go of her disinterest in the babies and even gave them a goodbye hug and cuddle.

Leonard Burne (Buzzsaw)[]

Alex met Buzzsaw in the Ice Realm when he pretended to be an injured hiker named Keith. Like the others, she was suspicious of him, and was therefore unphased by his deception. When Tom reads his real name on the man's hatchet, she helped him form a plan to expose the lumberjack's true identity. After that, he became an enemy to her and the entire club.

He captures her in 404 Alex Not Found when she went off on her own to get away from the riders for awhile. She soon tricked him into believing that she could help him find the "Killer Dragon" he was looking for. After much convincing, she managed to convince him to give her the Book of Dragons so she could escape. This made his hatred for her and the other riders deepen heavier.

However, in "Of Gods and Monsters", when Jack was badly injured and weakened after an attack by Jörmungandr, Buzzsaw went to get the riders for help to treat him. Alex and the other riders felt distrustful of the logger, but D'Angelo was willing to see if he was telling the truth, and saw it was true. Buzzsaw helped keep his dragon calm while D did his best to treat the Timberjack. Alex was shocked to see that Buzzsaw was telling the truth, and that Buzzsaw has truly bonded so well with Jack. In return for their help, Buzzsaw told them about Sledkin's secret lab and that it could be where she took Plowhorn. They then left Buzzsaw to care for Jack saying that he needed him. After Jack had recovered a while later, he and Buzzsaw helped the riders by treating any injured dragons while they handled the World Serpent, indicating they are on good terms now.

Wilma Sledkin[]

Though they rarely interact with each other, Alex has been shown to think very negatively of Dr. Sledkin, the Rakke Corp's second leading geologist. Like Tom, Alex is well aware of Sledkin's greedy, amoral nature and considers her to be a great threat to the safety of the dragons and the Hidden World if either were to be discovered. This has occasionally caused her and the other Dragon Riders to sabotage Sledkin's research efforts whenever they come close to uncovering the existence of dragons, such as in "Ride or Die" when she and D'Angelo foiled Sledkin's mining operation near the entrance to the Crystal Realm, and later in "Empty Fireworm Nest", when she and Jun retrieved the Fireworm Glowmer from her lab before she could examine him. While Alex was determined to keep Sledkin from discovering the secret, the doctor herself seems to think little if anything of her or the other children at ICARIS, giving them little to no notice during her time at ICARIS.



  • In "Dragon Club" it's shown that Alex likes listening to rock music, which she shares with Tom.
  • Alex has stated that she was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, arguably making her the first character in the HTTYD franchise to come from a real-world location rather than a fictional one.
  • Alex possesses a secret online identity to hide her activities on the internet, called cinnabot538.
  • Though not shown in the series, it was confirmed by John Tellegen that Alex is indeed the creator of the Dragon Club's saddles, though the story of how she constructed them was cut from the show.[3]
  • In "Empty Firework Nest", Alex complains about how she was sweating under her fire suit. But in future episodes of season 3, she doesn't seem bothered by it anymore.
  • When in her fire suit, she doesn't wear her glasses. Most likely the visor on her helmet has the same kind of lenses she wears.
  • The passcode to Alex's Tablet is 9866.
  • In "Heart of Glass", it is revealed that Alex takes vitamins.

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