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Aggro is a female Fire Fury who appears in Dragons: Rescue Riders, starting with the episode, "Where There's Smoke".


Integrating into a Human Village

When Aggro's flock was migrating she became separated from them in a storm, ending up on the island Huttsgalor, in "Where There's Smoke". Her only companions were the sheep. Her woolly friends were being attacked by wolves, so she started a line of fire to keep them at bay. Unbeknownst to the townspeople and the Rescue Riders, [[Duggard|Chief Duggard asks the Rescue Riders to put the fire out. Later, Aggro resets the fires to protect the sheep. Seeing the fires flare up once again, resident Magnus Finke accuses Cutter, a fire-breathing dragon, of starting them. To clear his name, the Rescue Riders seek out how the fires keep starting and discover Aggro. After a spirited chase, the Riders finally capture her. She reveals why she started the fire, but with no fire burning, the wolves attack. All together Aggro and the Riders drive off the wolves. The Riders introduce Aggro to their home, discuss the situation with Duggard, and invite Aggro to stay on and joint the team. She accepts.

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Physical Appearance

Aggro is a small red dragon with four legs and ram like horns. She has a pale yellow underbelly and wing tips.


Aggro is small, feisty, and can't hide her emotions!
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Aggro is feisty, stubborn, and - true to her name - generally spunky. Frustrations as being the newest on the team have lead to some bumps, but she always pulls through in the end and helps her friends.

Abilities and Skills

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Smokescreen: Aggro is able to scrape her wingtips along the ground and create many sparks. This generates a copious amount of black smoke, which can obscure visibility.


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Sometime after Elbone alerted Aggro of the dragon egg he found trapped in a thick lair of ice in the north and manages to free it with her fire, before falling into the ice and is unable to fly any of them back to Huttsgalor, the egg hatches and Aggro welcomes the newly hatched dragon to the world. Aggro is the main teacher and caretaker for Heatey, due to both being fire dragons.


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