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(Scene starts with Hiccup flying Toothless on the night of a full moon searching for the missing Twins)

Hiccup: Ruff! Tuff! I know, bud. It's getting late. But we gotta keep looking.

(Scene changes to show Hiccup and Toothless leaving the Dragon Training Academy as Fishlegs flies up to him)

Fishlegs: Hiccup, any sign of him yet?

Hiccup: None. The other Riders have come in for the night. They're resting their dragons.

Fishlegs: I don't blame them. I mean, look at Meatlug. [Shows Meatlug flying trying to stay awake] She's sleep-flying.

Hiccup: I got some provisions. I'm going back out.

Fishlegs: Wait, what are you gonna do, fly all night?

Hiccup: If I have to, yes.

Fishlegs: Are you sure that's a good idea?

Hiccup: Well, I can't rest knowing the twins are lost out there somewhere.

Fishlegs: [Sighs] You're right. I - we'll go with you. [Meatlug falls from the sky into Fishlegs] Ugh!

Hiccup: No, looks like you guys need some rest. I'll be fine.

(Scene changes to show Hiccup and Toothless flying through a thunderstorm)

Hiccup(cont.): You know, maybe we've been looking at this whole thing the wrong way. Maybe the twins went after the Skrill. The Skrill is attracted to lightning. Maybe if we find the Skrill, we find Ruff and Tuff. And it can't hurt, right? [Toothless growls] We've tried everything else. Come on, bud. [They continue flying and dodging lightning] Whoa! Watch your tail, bud! Ah! Ow! And I'll watch my leg. [Lightning continues crashing around them] Hang in there, Toothless! [Hiccup takes out his spyglass to look around but a close lightning bolt causes him to almost drop it] Okay! Gronckle Iron and lightning. Not a terrific combo. Come on, bud. Get us outta here. [Toothless flies out of the storm and they spot an island] Outcast island. I know, bud. But we got no choice. We have to set down and wait out the storm. [They land on Outcast Island and check on current on goings] That's a lot of Outcasts. What are you up to, Alvin?

Ruffnut: All I know is he's planning something big with that Skrill.

Hiccup: Alvin has the Skrill? Wai- Ruff? You're-You're alive! I-I-I don't believe it! Whe-Where's Tuff?

Ruffnut: He didn't make it, Hiccup.

Hiccup: What?!

Ruffnut: Kidding! He's right behind you.

[Hiccup turns around to see a tree]

Tuffnut: What's up, Hiccup? Cool disguise, huh? Ha. It's kinda itchy.

Hiccup: Uh, yeah. Not bad.

Ruffnut: Yeah, yeah, Tuff hollowed out that tree so he couldn't be seen. Problem is he can't move.

Tuffnut: And I have bark beetles in my pants. I'm starting to like them. Hey, fellas. A little to the left. Really scratch around down there. See what you can find.

Hiccup: That's an image I could do without. Wait a second, how did you guys end up here?

Ruffnut: Alvin grabbed the Skrill out of the water. We decided to follow it.

Tuffnut: Weird, right?

Hiccup: No. Actually, it was good that you followed it.

Tuffnut: We knew that. That's, why we did it.

Hiccup: Okay. Let's figure out what Alvin plans on doing with that dragon.

Alvin: Bring it out!

[Outcast pull the bound Skrill out of its cage]

Hiccup: Yep. There it is.

Tuffnut: Yeah.

Hiccup: Man! This is not good.

Tuffnut: No.

Hiccup: We are in serious trouble.

Tuffnut: With a capital "T", no, "S." Wait, would you capitalize "serious" or "trouble"? Both? [Hiccup grunts] I'll shut up now.

Hiccup: Hang on. Mildew. That's weird. Those look like Berserker soldiers. Dagur! Dagur and Alvin together. With the Skrill? Really not good.

Dagur: The Skrill, dragon of my people. So beautiful! So supple! So furious!

Mildew: The only thing a dragon understands is a staff to the snout.

Dagur: Touch him with that stick and I'll make you eat it. You have no idea what you're dealing with, do you? [Mildew stammers] Because if you did, you'd have this dragon safely out of the storm.

Mildew: And why is that?

Dagur: He draws his power from lightning [Sniffs] smelly, old man.

Mildew: Bah, that's nothing but an old dragon's tale.

[Lightning crashes and the Skrill harness it and unleashes it on Mildew]

Dagur: Man, I love it when I'm right. [Dagur laughs as Mildew gets knocked back and the Outcast return the Skrill to the cage] Yes! Not to worry, baby. When we get you all harnessed up, you'll be free to strike anyone you want. Or, more precisely, anyone I want. [Chuckles]

Alvin: Ah, the Skrill isn't yours yet, Dagur. You'll get your prize, but only after you fulfill the terms of our deal.

Mildew: [Blathers]

Savage: Remind me again why we're dealing with this lunatic.

Alvin: His knowledge of the Skrill and the size of his fleet. We need both to make sure we reclaim Berk. After we have, we'll dispose of 'em all.

Hiccup: We have to sneak into town and find out what Dagur and Alvin are up to. I can't go, they'd recognize me. Ruff?

Ruffnut: Outcast food gives me gas.

Hiccup: Yet another image I can live without. Okay, Tuff! Looks like you're up. You need to go down there and get as much info as you can without being seen.

Tuffnut: Way ahead of you. I'll move like the wind. They won't even see me coming! [Starts crawling around but falls off a cliff and lands in front of an Outcast guard] Oh! [Sighs] That was great!

Outcast Guard: Halt! What are you doing there? And who are you?

Tuffnut: Who am I? I'm uh - I'm Buffnut. Yep! That's it! Berserker Buffnut "BB," they call me. Ol' Buffynut. I was sent by Dagur to check your defenses. Yep! I gotta check 'em out. See if they're strong.

Outcast Guard: Oh, yes! Yes, sir! I'm ready for anything.

Tuffnut: Okay. Good! Now, where's the big meeting? You know, the powwow.

Outcast Guard: You mean Alvin and Dagur?

Tuffnut: Did you seriously just ask me that, soldier? If you think I know the answer, you are sorely mistaken, mister. Did you just ask me that? I've forgotten.

Outcast Guard: Uh, so do you want to know?

Tuffnut: Don't sass me! I'm still talking about whether or not you did seriously just ask me that!

Outcast Guard: Alvin's throne room. Just opposite the harbor. They're celebrating the treaty, sir.

Tuffnut: Awesome. Ju- uh, just - uh, stand there, at attention. Straight-Straight back. A healthy spine is a happy spine. My fine fellow.

[Tuffnut walks away]

Outcast Guard: Yes, sir! [Lets out held breath]

(Scene changes to Dagur and Alvin sitting at polar ends of a table while their guards stand to their right sides)

Alvin: All right, Dagur. Let's talk stra'egy.

Dagur: Ooh! Strategy! Strategy! I love strategy! You first.

Alvin: Fine. My fleet will lead -

Dagur: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

Alvin: Wha?

Dagur: Let me stop you there, big boy. Try this on for size. My fleet, led by the glorious Skrill, will lay siege to the dragon training arena [Walks over and choke holds one of his guards in demonstration] and incapacitate Hiccup and his Night Fury. [Drops the guard and starts walking back] While you and your little fleet of rejects blockade their harbor.

[Alvin slams down his cup and starts walking over to Dagur]

Alvin: Ha, ha. I don't think so, Dagur.

[Tuffnut sneaks around and finds a table filled with food]

Tuffnut: Whoa!

Alvin: First, I get Berk. Then, and only then, do you get the Skrill.

Dagur: Really?

Alvin: Yeah. Really.

[Alvin and Dagur stare each other down]

Dagur: Geez, Al. Don't get your skivvies in a bunch. Fine. We'll do it your way.

[Alvin walks away]

Vorg: Remind me why we're working with him again.

Dagur: Because we want that Skrill. Once we have it, we'll dispose of him. And I was thinking, there are some really, really fun ways we could do that. See, uh - [Hears an increasing in volume chewing sound] Who is smacking their food! I h-hate smacking! My father used to smack!

[Tuffnut stops chewing and spits out what’s in his mouth]

Tuffnut: Sorry. I hate it when my mouth does that. Ha, ha. Cut it out, mouth. Shut up, nose. They don't like each other.

[Dagur puts an axe to Tuffnut's throat]

Dagur: Who are you?

Tuffnut: [Swallows] Uh, me? I'm, uh - I'm Buffnut. You know, Buffnut the Berserker.

Dagur: You're one of mine? What were you doing back there?

Tuffnut: Uh, well, I was, uh, composing a poem in honor of your new deal with Alvin, and I got hungry, 'cause poetry is very exhausting. Geez, you gotta have a little something every six lines.

Dagur: A poem, eh? Let me hear it. If I like it, I won't chop your legs off. Now!

Tuffnut: Uh, Okay, yeah, definitely need those legs for the running and walking stuff. There once was a village called Berk, run by a big viking jerk. Blasting him would be thrilling, then you'd go a-skrilling, And show us how to be... berserk?

Dagur: I,would go, a-skrilling? Ha. I like it! You can keep your legs! In fact, yak ribs and burly cakes for my friend, Buffnut! But no smacking. I ha-hate smacking!

[Mildew walks over sees Tuffnut and drops his plate in surprise]

Mildew: [Blathers "Tuffnut!"]

Dagur: Oh, what is your village babbler going on about now?

[Tuffnut pushes Mildew down]

Tuffnut: Uh, so did I mention how much I hate Berk? [Laughs] Hey, directions to Berk! North till you smell it, west till you step in it. Am I right, people? Come on.

[Outcast guards start laughing and Mildew gets back up and tries to seize Tuffnut but he pushes him away]

Tuffnut: Great idea, babbler! A song! I should sing a song. So, "♪ Hooligan tribe, won't you come out tonight, come out tonight, come out tonight. Hooligan tribe, won't you come out tonight or die by the light of the moon. Oh, by the light of the moon. Oh, by the light of the moon. Remember to use your fork and your knife and also use your spoon ♪"

[Outcast guards start laughing]

Mildew: [Mildew points a Tuffnut and Blathers "Berk! Berk! Berk!"

[Tuffnut gives him an elbow to the head and he drops]

Tuffnut: Nobody likes a heckler. [Outcast guards continue laughing] Right?

(Scene changes to Tuffnut explaing the situation to Hiccup and Ruffnut back at their hiding spot)

Tuffnut(cont.): The plan is to smash those dirty Berkians to pieces with both fleets! It's gonna be awesome.

Hiccup: Yeah, uh - you do realize we're the Berkians?

Tuffnut: Oh, right. Still gonna be awesome.

Hiccup: Two fleets and a Skrill are gonna be pretty tough to beat.

Tuffnut: No, Alvin has made it pretty clear. Dagur doesn't get the Skrill until after they destroy Berk. I think they have trust issues.

Hiccup: Wait, what did you just say?

Tuffnut: I said they have trust issues.

Hiccup: No, you said "Dagur doesn't get the Skrill until after the attack." Think about it. No Skrill, no alliance. No alliance, no invasion. Tuff, I need you to get back into town and distract the arena guards. Toothless and I are going to free that Skrill.

Tuffnut: Uh, hang on a sec. I'm pretty sure Dagur threatened to cut my legs off.

Ruffnut: So?

Tuffnut: Just wanted to get that out there. [Looks around but no one acknowledges his concerns] Ah, fine! I'm going. And my legs are on your head. I mean, not - you know what I'm saying. You'll be thinking about these legs if I lose 'em.

(Scene changes to show Hiccup and Toothless flying down to get the Skrill and spot unconscious guards)

Hiccup: Good job, Tuff. That was quick.

(Scene changes to show Tuffnut telling jokes to an audience of Outcast guards)

Tuffnut: Okay, okay, okay, okay. I-I got another one. How do you get a one-armed Berkian out of a tree?

Outcast Guard: How?

Tuffnut: You wave. [They all start laughing] That's assuming that he isn't just sitting on a branch.

Outcast Guard: Ah, you kill us, Buffnut.

Tuffnut: Oh, stop! You-You guards - you guys are just saying that. I almost said guards. Wait, guards? Aren't I supposed to be doing something with guards?

[Tuffnut remembers and starts running]

Outcast Guard: Oh, hey, don't leave! Oh, tell the one about the viking girl with the woolly igloo.

(Scene changes to Hiccup and Toothless finding a Skrill-less cage)

Hiccup: It's gone!

Tuffnut: Oh, good. I thought I was too late. Nice job with those guards, by the way.

Hiccup: Wha-What are you talking about? And where's the Skrill?

Tuffnut: Uh-oh.

Hiccup: Uh, yeah, "uh-oh."

Tuffnut: Well, if you don't have the Skrill, and I don't have the Skrill, then who has the Skrill?

[Voices are heard approaching]

Hiccup: Gotta go.

[Hiccup, Tuffnut, and Toothless hide and listen to what they are saying]

Outcast Guard: The Skrill is gone! Sound the alarm!

Hiccup: Tuff, you go get Ruff. I'm gonna try and find that Skrill before Dagur does.

[Hiccup flies away on Toothless]

(Scene changes to show Hiccup flying looking for Dagur, who is escaping on one of his ships, but Alvin finds him first)

Alvin: Going somewhere, Dagur?

Dagur: I go where I want, Alvin.

Alvin: Not with our Skrill, you don't.

Dagur: It's not yours. It was never yours. Hello! It's on my belt buckle. It's on my sail, my shields!

Alvin: We had a deal, Dagur!

Dagur: Yeah, uh, about that deal, I just changed the terms.

[Dagur cuts the ropes on the sail revealing the flying Skrill with ropes attached being held in place by two Berserkers. Alvin takes out his sword and jumps Dagur]

Alvin: I'll cut you to pieces!

[Swings his sword, knocking Dagur to the ground]

Dagur: Oof! You'll try!

[Dagur confronts him with his axe but gets knocked back]

Alvin: Give me back my Skrill!

[Alvin charges at Dagur]

Dagur: It was never your Skrill, Alvin. [Dagur knocks Alvin back] It's ours! It's always been ours! [Dagur starts supressing Alvin] Take that! [Hiccup spots the two ships] Yes!

[Alvin disarms Dagurs and keeps swinging at Dagur as he dodges]

Alvin: You can't run forever, boy!

[Dagur jumps over Alvin grabs the Skrill's ropes]

Dagur: Oh, I think it's time you did some running.

[Dagur tugs the ropes and the Skrill gathers lightning]

Alvin: Wha? [Skrill fires at Alvin who jumps to dodge] Ah!

[Dagur tugs the ropes again and the Skrill fires at Alvin who keeps dodging]

Dagur: Whoa-ho-ho-ho. [Alvin jumps into the water] Tired of running? Wanna try swimming? That won't work either. [Alvin dives and Dagur makes the Skrill attack the water as he laughs] Well, that takes care of that. [Remaining Outcasts close it on Dagur, preparing for battle] Savage, I have a one-time offer for you and your men. You can join me, or you can join Alvin. [Shows dead fish floating to the surface of the water] Your choice.

[Skrill gathers lightning making Dagur look more threatening]

Hiccup: That's not good. I need to come up with a new plan, bud, and fast.

(Scene changes to show a fleet of ships around a dock as Savage walks up to Dagur)

Savage: The fleet is ready to sail to Berk, sir.

Dagur: Excellent! Now that this whole Alvin thing is behind us, we can lure Hiccup and his Night Fury into battle!

Hiccup: Why wait?! I'm right here, Dagur. Me and my Night Fury.

Dagur: Hiccup.

Hiccup: I thought we could settle this like real vikings, just you and me.

[Dagur grunts in frustration]

Savage: Sir, don't let him bait you. We have the advantage in numbers. [Dagur elbows Savage knock him down] Ugh!

[Dagur runs to get the Skrill]

Dagur: Me and my Skrill against you and your Night Fury? [Skrill roars] I like those odds. Take that! [Dagur makes the Skrill fire at Hiccup and Toothless multiple times but they dodge while flying away] Oh, ho, ho, ho! Want to see superior warrior-ness? Just keep watching!

Hiccup: Really, Dagur? I'm still here. Fire, Toothless, now!

[Toothless fires twice at the Skrill but it blocks both shots]

Dagur: [Chuckles] That's it? Huh! I was hoping for something more challenging. [Chuckles]

Hiccup: So was I.

[Hiccup sees Dagur put one foot step in a puddle and Toothless and the Skrill trade a few shots before stopping. Dagur is now standing with both feet in the puddle]

Dagur: Any last words, Hiccup?

Hiccup: I got nothing. How 'bout you, bud?

[Toothless fires causing the Skrill to attack which electrocutes Dagur, makes him let go of the Skrill and fall to the ground]

Dagur: Aah! [Dagur gets up panting] Aah! [An after current runs threw Dagur knocking him out]

Hiccup: I really don't think he's going to be leading an invasion anytime soon. [Freed Skrill shoots lightning at Hiccup and Toothless] Wish I could say the same for this guy! [Skrill starts chasing them and shooting at them at every turn] We need to lose him. [Hiccup spots an iceberg] Actually, scratch that. We need him to follow us. [Hiccup and Toothless flies toward the iceberg and the Skrill follows and shoots off a chunk that starts to fall on them] Ah! Whoa! Down, Toothless, into that cut in the glacier. [They fly into an ice crevice and the Skrill follows] Toothless, up there! Tight turn! [Skrill chases them to the end and charges at them but it runs into a ice reflection of them instead, stunning itself] Good work, bud!

[Hiccup and Toothless fly out of the crevice to seal it but is stopped by a fire blast]

Tuffnut: Hey, why do you get to have all the fun?

Ruffnut: Yeah, this job was made for us.

[Twins fly Barf and Belch to the crevice. Barf releases gas and Belch ignites it causing an explosion that melts the ice, flooding the crevice. The water quickly freezes trapping the Skrill]

Hiccup: Guys, let's go home.

Ruffnut: Thought you'd never ask.

Tuffnut: I am gonna miss some of those Outcast guys. They could really carry a tune.

Ruffnut: I know, right?

Tuffnut: "♪ Hooligan tribe, won't you come out tonight, come out tonight, come out tonight...♪"

Hiccup: Well, I won't miss Dagur, that's for sure.

Ruffnut: Uh, they could carry a tune, not you.

(Scene changes to show a cave some place where Dagur is looking at illustrations of dragons, mainly of Toothless, on the wall before Savage walks up to him)

Savage: The fleet has returned, Dagur. No sign of the Skrill or the Dragon Riders.

[Dagur jabs a knife into the illustration of Toothless looking irate]

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