These are the rules for the How to Train Your Dragon Wiki Discussion Boards. The discussions staff will be enforcing every one of them. Rules may be altered or added at any time. Breaking any one of these rules will result in your post/comment edited or deleted, and continuing to do so may result in a banning. It is only for the staff to decide when exceptions may be made. If you have any questions concerning anything, please contact the staff as listed at #20 below. 1. If you have a question, please try to find the answer on the Wiki first. There's articles with detailed info about virtually everyone and everything; both for the franchise, and books! Please check it out at . 2. As already stated in the wiki rules, linking to illegal sites to watch the shows or read the comics for free is prohibited. Same goes for directing other users in ways to hack one of the games. 3. All posts must be about HTTYD somehow; whether it be the book series or the film franchise. 4. Repeating posts within a week will not be allowed. For example, if someone creates a post asking, "Who's your favorite character?" that question is not allowed to be asked again by anyone else for at least a week. If it is asked again within that week, it will be deleted. 5. All opinions are to be respected, including unpopular ones. You do NOT have the right to attack anyone because you don't agree with them. If you can't say anything non-toxic, practice "scroll and ignore". In the case of trolls, simply report and ignore. Do NOT feed trolls! 6. Please make sure to choose the correct category for what you're creating a post about. If you're not sure what category to put your post in, just choose "General" and a member of staff will change it for you later. 7. Don't comment more than twice in a row. You have the ability to edit your comments, so please resort to that rather than commenting again. 8. Don't create a new post to respond to a comment under another post. This includes responding to a post that has been locked. If a post is locked, that discussion is not allowed to continue. For a post that is not locked, please respond via a comment under the original post. And especially do NOT create a post to attack another user. Bullying and trolling will result in a block. 9. Turn your caps-lock off! You may use all caps for a FEW words as emphasis, but do not type entire sentences in caps. 10. Do NOT abuse the report button. Reporting posts you simply disagree with wastes the staff's time, and those who make a habit of it will face consequences. 11. Only two posts per user per day to give everyone's posts a chance at being seen. 1 day = 24 hours. 12. Please use proper grammar so that everyone can understand what you're trying to say. 13. Only ONE picture per user may be posted per day. You can either use the upload tool provided while creating the post, or paste the direct URL of a picture elsewhere online into your post. Additional pictures may be posted in the comments within that day, but new posts containing a picture on the same day will be deleted. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited! NEVER say you created an image if you in fact did not!! 14. Fan fiction is not allowed here. There is a fan fiction wiki if you wish to create/post your own fan fiction: . You may also write your fan fictions on websites like and and post a link. Please no more than one fan fiction link per week. 15. Roleplaying is not allowed here. 16. Profanity is strictly not allowed. The strongest curse words allowed are those like "damn", "hell", or "crap". 17. Do not begin casually "chatting" with another user in the Discussion Boards. Instead, you may send the other user a direct message on their Talk Page. There is also a chat room at and forums at that you can join at any time. For Discord, you can only see three channels and only talk in two channels until Admin "Annabeth and Percy" gets on and adds a role to you: 18. This is the English wiki for How to Train Your Dragon, so only English is allowed to be spoken here. There are a few other language HTTYD wikis— German: Spanish: Russian: Polish: Italian: Portuguese: Chinese: They will also be listed at the bottom of the home page. 19. Please don't overuse emojis in a single post or comment. They can become distracting and an assault to the eyes. 20. The staff are in charge of this wiki. They make the rules, and have the final say in everything. But they can also help. You can find a list of the admins here: The Discussions Moderator is . The main admins are and . If you need any of them, please message them on their Talk Page.
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